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Stuff my kid says--2014-10-26

I immediately regret this entry--2014-10-21

Um, hi.--2014-10-20




Chickie Jr.--2009-08-18

Bellie Bites--2009-07-20

Too close for comfort--2009-07-05

Well hello!--2009-06-04

Buy it now, buy it often--2009-01-12

Baby's 1st--2008-12-23

Christmas hopes--2008-12-08


Misc and boring--2008-09-18

Apples and oranges--2008-09-10

Myrtle, Myrtle--2008-08-29

Lazy Eyyyyye Matey--2008-08-15

Something to help me through the day...after looking in the mirror--2008-08-01

Some of my fav things--2008-07-28

Cuteness to the Maximus--2008-07-19

A shot in the dark--2008-07-16


Long Lost Entry #1--2008-06-19

My Baby Girl--2008-05-17

And it starts--2008-05-10

Update: 4 Days to go--2008-05-05

Don't say I didn't warn you...--2008-04-25

Baby gigantor--2008-04-16

No judging please--2008-03-26

Unoriginal thought of the day--2008-03-16

Age of Isabel--2008-03-06

1000 words--2008-02-25


Mmmmmmmm cunumdrums...--2008-02-11

Bladder Kung Fu--2008-02-05

Oh boy--2008-01-19

God bless us, everyone--2007-12-24

Baby girl--2007-12-19

Awesome day--2007-11-26

happy turkey day!--2007-11-22

Little boring update--2007-11-01

TheraFlu TheraAss--2007-08-28

Angel's first film!--2007-08-17

iphoning it in...--2007-07-28

A few wedding pics--2007-07-11

Radness to the Extremeness--2007-07-08

Cry Me a River--2007-06-25

Game on!--2007-06-20

skinny jeans--2007-06-15

Easter recap--2007-04-09


Keebler Simmons--2007-02-13

Puerto Rico!--2007-02-01

28 ain't so bad--2007-01-19

Bridesmaids and Plasmas--2007-01-10

New Year's V 2.007--2006-12-31

At Least I Tried--2006-12-20

A few pics--2006-12-18

Nov update mi amigos!--2006-11-20

No Dice--2006-10-19

I'm now an onliner!--2006-09-01

Wedding Stuff--2006-08-04

Bits From Everywhere--2006-07-26

My Beautiful Dress--2006-07-17

FYI-I am not a dude.--2006-06-22

One down, eleventy billion to go--2006-06-01

Meet the New Toonces--2006-05-03


Big Day--2006-04-24

Mmmmm, new layout--2006-04-14

Update Shumdate--2006-04-06

Finally, A Date--2006-03-06

Meet Prof. Keebler--2006-02-26

Don't Say Anything At All--2006-02-17

Vday 2006--2006-02-14

The Ring--2006-01-30

Somebody's Getting..--2006-01-24


Best Week Ever...okay maybe not--2006-01-15

Resolution V 2.006--2005-12-30

Merry B Chrismtas--2005-12-27

Game on--2005-12-20

Mean People Suck--2005-12-19

An Odd One for Sure--2005-12-18

King Kong; Pictures!--2005-12-06

King Kong tomorrow--2005-12-05

Back from Vacation!--2005-11-21

Monster Mash!--2005-11-03

Part One of the Legend--2005-10-19

I swear I will update--2005-10-11

Gamblar win money--2005-10-04

City of the Atlantic--2005-09-30

I am ready--2005-09-26

Patch kicked it--2005-09-22

Pirates Bears and Glasses--2005-09-19

Ricky entry--2005-09-14

Bear City--2005-09-08

Re-Cap to come--2005-09-06

Let's Try This Again--2005-08-30

on hiatus--2005-08-30

Skinny Jeans of my Dreams--8-20-2005

"Monkeys: And Why We Care" A Novelette by chickie legs--2005-08-14

Come See What's New!--2005-08-08

He Sent Me An Angel, Named Angel--2005-08-05

New Template..again..--2005-07-26

another picture--2005-07-26

Alright already--2005-07-18

Yeahh I suck--2005-07-11

Angelic Weekend--2005-06-28

aWEzome zOone--2005-06-23

yet another music video--2005-06-14

Panoramic View--2005-06-08

Outline Of Awesomeness--2005-06-02

by the way--2005-05-30


At least his name isn't least not his first name--2005-05-24

I have Good News and Good News--2005-05-20


Nabisco DING Moss II?--2005-05-16

But seriously--2005-05-13

Okay update revisited--2005-05-12

Bachelorette Party Pics--2005-05-04

Caught Up video--2005-05-03


The RM--2005-04-28

Hostage Situation wtf--2005-04-27

Go Nads and Manslaughter--2005-04-21

music video this weekend--2005-04-17

Mostly dead--2005-04-13


Mitch Hedburg :(--2005-03-31



Wanted: Images--2005-03-21


I updated already sheesh--2005-03-15

Coming this Spring: "The Receptionist"--2005-03-04

good news?--2005-03-01

In memory--2005-02-27

Phantom Entry; The Return--2005-02-22

X-Ray Rex--2005-02-17

vday sucks--2005-02-14

for my dad--2005-02-06

Cheese Doodle Room--2005-01-31

(Don't) Lean Back, Lean Back--2005-01-27

Out Back--2005-01-22

Four score and 26 Years Ago--2005-01-19

Little Office of Bethie's Horror--2005-01-17

Lose Myself--2005-01-14

Video Proof--2005-01-10

Fa Fa Fa Fa Fashion!--2005-01-08

Love Stinks--2005-01-04

Another Brick on the Wall--2005-01-03

New Year's goals--2004-12-31

Twas the day after Christmas--2004-12-27


Give and ye shall receive crap--2004-12-14

Boston pt. 1--2004-12-07

Fun With Flash Drawing--2004-12-03

Holidaze Sauce..?--2004-12-01

Old Yeller--2004-11-18

Is it because of that song?--2004-11-16

New cartoon character--2004-11-12

Bethie's Infinite Amount of Awesome Talents--2004-11-08


Bush Wins Bush Wins--2004-11-03

Meet the Warhols--2004-11-02

Fear and Loathing:my brain story--2004-10-29

Mental Diffuculties--2004-10-26

Jumpin Jackolantern uh flash--2004-10-18

humor me--2004-10-12

Rubber band woman--2004-10-07

bethie's blues--2004-09-30

Alright then--2004-09-25



State of Disarray: No Sleep Till Brooklyn--2004-09-09

Playing favorites--2004-09-02

FYI what's going on--2004-08-30

Possibly a little too much--2004-08-25

What a Maroon--2004-08-24

Granny's got a brand new ..--2004-08-18

A Patchwork of Memories--2004-08-18


I'm now Bi--2004-08-10

Touche, touche--2004-08-09

Big Sister, Big Sister, Big Sister and Meeee--2004-08-06

My Review of the Rush Concert--2004-08-04

Apartment smells...--2004-08-03


Felt a Little 'Off' Yesterday--2004-07-29

Food Diary--2004-06-27

Biography: a true story--2004-06-23


Photo Diary Video Day (1)--2004-06-17

Making of the Video; A Photo Diary--2004-06-14

E-Harmony guy is a chipmunk--2004-06-07

Happy fourth--2004-07-04

Running on Empty--2004-07-02

I Do (wanna punch you)--2004-06-30

Super glue, not so super as it turns out--2004-06-28

The Joy of Cooking--2004-06-25

Spinning a Yard-Long Tale--2004-06-22


Helicopters can be hazardous to your health--2004-06-17

Cinderellegs: The Office Party--2004-06-13

Can You Smell What the Chickie Is Cooking?--2004-06-08

Oh, Who Are the People In Your Neighborhood? In Your Neighborhooooood?--2004-06-01

My Pilot Was Cancelled--2004-05-31

You're the One With the Shell On It--2004-05-29

Voice of a New Chickie-Nation--2004-05-26

Not very funny receptionist cartoon--2004-05-25

Vye vye!--2004-05-24

We all live in a Yellow TV--2004-05-19

Enter the View of the Interview--2004-05-12


Wake Up Call--2004-05-10

Frankstein Hungry! Frankenstein--2004-05-08

I'd Like to Give a Shout Out--2004-05-05

Step right up! Get your Creative Juices!--2004-05-03

A Case of the Mondays--2004-05-03

The Cunning Linguist Has Met His Match!--2004-04-27

April Fools' Lasts All Month--2004-04-23

A Regular Cup of Joe Schmo--2004-04-21

Paging Ms. Moss..--2004-05-13

Birds On Fire--2004-04-15

Work It on the set--2004-04-11

Working hard or hardly working?--2004-04-07



Finally a gift made especially for me~!--2004-03-29

Songs for nothing? Chicks for free?--2004-03-29

Things that made me happy--2004-03-27

Please pray for my friend--2004-3-21

Who Cut the Cheese--2004-03-18

She Wants to Move--2004-03-17

Everybody's working for the PAYCHECK--2004-03-09

Video Killed the Pakistany Star--2004-03-07

Good Job!--2004-03-05

I don't like it when my juice wears tights--2004-03-03

The Reel Deal--2004-03-01

Dahhhh New Entry--2004-02-29

GMU can bite me--2004-02-25


Journey 3--2004-02-22

Journey to the End of the Film; Part Deux--2004-02-19

Journey to the end of the Film--2004-02-18

film is over..--2004-02-16

Tires and films--2004-02-11

And now for something completely different--2004-02-09

Milk and Cereal--2004-02-08

hate it--2004-02-07

Mam, apparently you want some pickles--2004-02-07

Itchy and Scratchy--2004-02-04

Clever Title Goes Here--2004-02-02

"24" - The Day from Hell--2004-01-31

New layout--2004-01-30


I'm Hatin' It--2004-01-24

Finally a Butterfly Movie that Mariah Carey Had No Part Of--2004-01-23

Google it, just a little bit..--2004-01-21

If they mated..Birthday party review--2004-01-20

MY BIRTHDAY--2004-01-19

Golden Girls...whap whap whap--2004-01-15

Oxymoron of the day--2004-01-15

Red, red wine--2004-01-13

I Wear Many Hats--2004-01-12

The Fab Fad Three of Dieting--2004-01-08

Queen of the Flies--2004-01-06

AD agency my ass!!!!!--2004-01-02

Happy new year and stuff--2003-12-31

Green with Mistletoe--2003-12-28

I wore a uni boob today--2003-12-21

Mr. Jessica Rabbit--2003-12-19

Meet the Real Patch Adams--2003-12-14

Meet the Real Patch Adams--2003-12-14

Mother crapper--2003-12-13

ASL test whooo--2003-12-09

monday is doomsday--2003-12-04

I need ya'll vote--2003-12-01

Happy Turkey Day--2003-11-27

Really embarassing and lame stuff about me--2003-11-01

Prooof of a dork--2003-11-23

I didn't fear or loath las vegas, but I did leave it--2003-11-18

The Cast--2003-11-17

Measure this!--2003-11-11

best invention ever--2003-11-11

My dentist is a rapist--2003-11-07

Happy Skinny Fore-Arm day!--2003-11-06


An Andy Rooney Rant of the Day--2003-10-29

M&M's are a threat to our national security--2003-10-23

Something is Humming, and It Ain't No Bumbleebee--2003-10-21

Sick of Being Sick of Being Sick...--2003-10-19

Say Uncle!--2003-10-17


Quick summary of Texas trip--2003-10-14

How to take down Oscar--2003-10-09

Total Recall-totally gag me please--2003-10-08

All the leaves are brown, and celery is the food of Satan himself.--2003-10-05

Subtlety is hard to spell--2003-10-04

People are stupid idiots;. AND stupid slogans--2003-09-30

PIctures! Yea!--2003-09-27

Highlightz for Adults--2003-09-26

Bounce, baby, bounce--2003-09-25

I have tiny socks--2003-09-22

Need layout suggestions..--2003-09-22

happy anniveYARsary--2003-09-20

Too late to be popular--2003-09-20

Winds of fury, bring on the mens!--2003-09-18

Tim Burton 'Plnt Aps!'--2003-09-16

Watch out, curb ahead--2003-09-16

conan pic--2003-09-15

Just back from seeing Conan!--2003-09-14

Happiness is a warm CD--2003-09-09

I'm so excited, and I can't hide it..--2003-09-09

cough drops--2003-09-05

We'll jump off that bridge when we come to it--2003-09-03

Five Questions--2003-09-01

Privates drives and other BS--2003-08-30

School sucks, this is not a funny entry...--2003-08-21

That's just jibber jabber!--2003-08-12

other school issues--2003-08-10

how old is too old for old navy--2003-08-04

where are they now?--2003-07-22


remote is lost--2003-07-18

scarface 2--2003-07-14


tampax/pearls=bethie gets angry--2003-04-28

bad genes/good genes....and gene hackman--2003-04-16

The Smores Bores, and other Tales by the Fire--2003-04-14

come on eileen!!!!dammit woman--2003-04-13

daylight savings..more like pissing me off...ings..--2003-04-06


hiphop...hip hop anonymous?--2003-04-02

that's crazy!--2003-03-30

hands free! pfft!@--2003-02-21

war absolutely nothing!--2003-02-21

woah! wooooah--2003-02-16

arch deluxe-ah-fied--2003-02-08

big n' tasty? rrrright--2003-02-05


mountain secrets--2003-01-31

saved by the bell--2003-01-31

A Review of the Worst/Best concert ever--2002-12-24

no time for the in and out love, just came to read the meter--2002-12-23

homosexual monarchy--2003-12-06

various boring shit--2002-11-30

oreo is annoying--2002-11-28

random odd poem-like-thing--2002-11-26

ai and a1--2002-11-24


theory of a man and a cat--2002-11-19


cheese cake blabber--2002-11-17

goofy poem--2002-11-14

happy when--2002-11-10

toothpaste story--2002-11-03

homework im bored--2002-11-03




Visit far away lands--2002-10-08


private eye scream--2002-10-02



hawaiian punch--2002-09-20

funny quotes--2002-09-20