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Quick summary of Texas trip

2003-10-14 @ 2:11 a.m.

Texas: Don't mess with it

Okay I just got back from Texas from visiting my 'long lost relatives'. Well they really weren't lost, just 'misplaced' and by 'misplaced' I mean 'I haven't seen them in a long time'. Boy, I really hate spelling things out for you all the time, dorkbutt.

Anyway I will give more details tomorrow because I need to sleep now. But I will give you a quick summary:

1) I rode a mechanical bull. It rocked. (ha ha I made a funny) (get it? It rocked?) (I mean it was both 'cool' and it physically rocked back forth)

2) My niece and I do not know the lyrics to the same song, yet we sang it in unison for three days straight, annoying the hell out of my family.

3) Mike is not pleased with my recently adorned 'Texas accent', and my constant 'yee hawing' and such..

4) I still need to get used to the "Mexican food lifestyle"

5) Internet access from your hotel room is not cool at all. And without a mouse, it took me about 2 hours at $5.00 an hour to delete 500 spam emails. Yeeee haa!!!

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