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Well hello!

2009-06-04 @ 11:36 p.m.

Don't have the funds for gold membership- so if anyone ever reads this anymore and would like to comment my goofy ass, please leave a 'note' :)
Is it common to still be in awe that one is a mother...13 months after the fact? Please see above mentioned 'goofy ass'. She is someone's mother!

In other news, I'm still fat. Just over a year later. But I finally fit into my favorite camo pants today!! So that was very exciting! Dude I'm so boring now, I'm putting myself to sleep writing this. I missed the beard and mustache competition again this year. Something on my bucket list, so to speak. Ok I just made that up. My bucket list includes building a chocolate moat around my house a la willy wonka, and well that's as far as I got while writing said list I mysteriously got a hankering for some chocolate and went into the kitchen.
Okay that never happened. But my life is boring, aside from Isabel of course. (aka the cutesy baby ever) I submitted a picture of hers to some sort of baby photo contest. she didn't win. Obviously not a legit outfit. No credibility. Obviously blind, stupid and good at pinball

I'm rambling now, need to wash the bottles, clean the kitchen and take out the trash. Those are the things on my 'list'. For today, anyway.

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