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Working hard or hardly working?

2004-04-07 @ 12:46 p.m.

Working Hard or Hardly Working?

Here is a list of things that I do to mess with people when I am bored at work:

1) Mix up the decaf coffee pots with the regular.

2) intentionally give wrong/incorrect directions to the bathroom. This usually leads them to the kitchen, garage or closet.

3) When someone calls to ask the spelling of a name, I make it nearly impossible for them to understand. For example:

"Yes, I was calling to see if you could tell me the correct spelling of Deborah Robinson's name" (this name is made up for this example)

"Yes, it's 'D' as in 'Deborah', 'E' as in 'Eborah', 'B' as in 'Borah', 'O' as in 'Orah', 'R' as in 'Rah', etc." That one usually pisses them off pretty quickly.

4) Then there are the people that think they can get past me to the President when they are just trying to solicit some stupid idea or something.

"Yes, may I speak to the President please" (you know it's no one important when they mispronounce their name) "Sorry sir, he is unavailable, may I take a message"

"Look, I want to talk to him, this is important"

"You are a dirty liar, you are not important, you do not even know if the President is a man or a woman.

"Look, let me talk to him"

"You have to get through me to talk to him. AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN. Now step off beootch!"

5) Wait, was it wrong of me to put a tip jar on my reception desk? It's not like I point Executives to the couch and coffee area.And then glance over at the jar...then look at them. Then the jar again. Then I nod at them and wink. Then back at the jar...

7) And finally, I put cyanide in those complimentery mints on the desk. haha..murder.

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