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Bladder Kung Fu

2008-02-05 @ 11:53 p.m.

Perhaps it was naive of me to assume that my pregnancy would include weekly first place trophies for pie eating contests, nightly feet massages from my husband and tiny midgets feeding me grapes while watching tv. Unfortunately for me pie eating contest aren't such a frequent occurance as I had imagined in my little 12 year old mind after watching Aunt Becky compete on Full House. This of course doesn't stop me from practicing every few days... At 1am, in the kitchen while Angel is sleeping and Keebler looks at me head cocked to say "youre a freaking whack job, stop stuffing your face!"

But I digest, or rather digress...not to dwell on the whole 'weird parasite in my belly thing', but Isabel's favorite thing to do these days is kick the old bladder. Or as call it, 'chickie legs bladder Kung fu time'. I pray that when she's older she'll have grown out of that phase and won't run up to Mommy and kick me in the bladder and/or kidneys. Not that I'm complaining, but the constant 'life is great' isn't really all that interesting to read or write about. So if I have to invent and exaggerate current circumstances than so be it.

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