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I have Good News and Good News

2005-05-20 @ 9:13 a.m.

So out of the blue yesterday was one of the best days I've had in a long time. It started out ordinary; woke up miserable, rummaged through my clothes to find an outfit that didn't appear like it was picked out by a blind epileptic alzheizmer patient and sped my way to work. Upon my arrival I was informed that there was to be an interview for my position. "A possible replacement!", I was told. I was excited at the thought, but did not get my hopes up as we had had two previous interviews that resulted in a fast-paced-walk/near-jog to the front door by the interviewees while screaming in horror.

Finally the applicant arrived at 10:00 a.m., I greeted her and pretended that I didn't know why she was there and that I was having the most awesomest of times answering the phones. "Hi there! Can I help you? Oh, you have a meeting with SoandSo? Awesome, SHE'S awesome, I'm awesome, wow this phone system is awesome! I sure do love it here. I don't know why you are here at this glorious hour of 10:00 in the morn, but I sure hope you enjoy your stay here! I sure as heck do!"

During the interview I performed my ritualistic reception prayer for replacement. "Oh phones of mercy, I am pleading to you to find it in your evil corded soul to release me into the Jungle of Outside the Front Desk. Upon your approval I will vow to visit weekly and whisper sweet nothings into your ear (piece). I promise to hold up the receptionary standard as I move into the Editing Suites. If I do not adhere to the Rules of Reception (remembering where I came from, and treating the new receptionist like I wanted to be treated) I promise to at least offer water or a mid-afternoon snack to her as she is not allowed to get up from her desk. Upon your approval of the new receptionist I will sacrifice a pad of note-paper and one blue pen in your honor. I look forward to your answer..."

Several highly anticipated minutes later the young lady came downstairs and I was instructed to start training her. "HALLELUJAH!" my dad yelled later as I called him and told him the good news. Assuming she comes back on Monday (she couldn't work today) I will officially have a replacement. They have not said when I will go back into the editing offices, but I'm thinking it will probably be either Tuesday or Wednesday.

Obviously since this is such a big change for the company, everyone was informed of my replacement and was asked to come by and meet her. When they arrived at my desk they ALL immediately noticed the ridiculous smile on my face. Suddenly my office became a increasingly-offensive Dennis Miller random reference-off. "Wow I haven't seen someone so happy since Michael Jackson discovered Macauley Culkin has three equally-naive younger brothers." "I haven't seen a smile that big since Julia Roberts mistook a horse for her sister." "I haven't heard random giggling so off-putting since my prom night with that hooker..." "I haven't seen Beth so excited since....oh wait, I've never seen Beth this excited".

On top of all of that excitement the Editing Guy came by in the afternoon and asked if I could stay an hour or two after work and edit some narration for some guy. I said of course I would, but I still don't know the avid. He said it would be really easy and I would just be taking out the stumbles and bloopers of the narration, and it would just be audio. So at 6:15 I went back there and in about 3 minutes he showed me what to do. 20 or so minutes later I finished. The 'client' is actually a cousin of an employee here, and we were doing this as a favor. What was cool is that this guy witnessed me learning how to do it, and then saw me do it in like 20 minutes. I was really excited about it, and it made me hopeful for the future. It's not like it was all that hard, but just to get a small taste of what I will be doing made me extremely happy.

So this morning I sit here and reflect on the past 14 months at this desk. I swear that I say that a lot, don't I? I'm a reflection gangsta'. Anyway, it is the longest that I have held a single job, and did it without complaining. Okay that's a complete lie. My point is I AM grateful for this job, and I did know going into this that it might take a while to get promoted. Unfortunately in 'this business' it is extremely diffilcult to find a full time job with health insurance, with the opportunity to grow with the company, and to work with cool people. I knew right away when my temp agency told me about this company that it was meant to be. So for that, I say thank you Lord who gave this to me, and for everyone for sticking by me and supporting me through all of this. I feel like I just won the Miss America pageant or something I'm being so sappy right now. Anyway, I'm hoping by writing this entry I am not jinxing myself and that this girl will freak out this weekend and not come back on Monday. The Wrath of the Beth will ensue shortly thereafter, I assure you. Meanwhile, I'm going to enjoy this news and desperately try not to gorge myself in a vat of celebration-ice cream tonight.

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