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You're the One With the Shell On It

2004-05-29 @ late p.m.

"You're the One With the Shell On It"

Come to think of it, I have been eating very bad lately in general. My excuse is that I just moved out on my own and I'm too poor and tired to make healthy meals and yellow M&M's are part of my decor.

...I'll explain.

Basically my colors, like I said are black, white, yellow and hot pink. I have this super cool modern-looking decanter I bought on ebay, and instead of filling it with wine, I decided to fill it with only yellow M&M's.

So I bought a king size bag and took the time to separate the colors. OF COURSE yellow is the less frequent color. There seems to be some sort of shortage of yellow dye #6 out there. (So please conserve your stash.) So my friend Josh bought me a super stupid large bag of M&M's for me, and even that didn't fill it up. So needless to say I have A LOT of red, orange, green, blue and brown M&M's in my apartment. You can only eat so many before you get sick of them. M&M's for breakfast, lunch and dinner gets tired. So I have become inventive with them.

Three balanced meals with hints of chocolate with a thin candy shell. May I recommend the eggs a la M? Or perhaps the HamSaMamwich? And for dinner, our M&M Loaf will fill you up right. To top off the night, please enjoy our bowl of M&M's with a side of M&M sauce, drizzled lightly over one giant melted M.

MMMMMMM, can't you taste it now?

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