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New Year's V 2.007

2006-12-31 @ 9:00 p.m.

Here we meet again. For the 3rd Annual New Year's Goals Round-Up. Here is last year's list, and what the actual outcome was:

1. Seriously, I need to finish school. The only thing holding me back is a foreign language requirement. If I get my butt in gear I can have Angel tutor me in Spanish and just finish already.


2. Lose 10 more pounds, and work out on a 'regular' basis. (i.e. at least once a year)

Sadly, no to this too. In fact, I gained weight. :(

3. Either stay in this apartment or move into a larger 2 bedroom with a view of D.C. (or a house if we're engaged)

CHECK. We actually moved into a kick ass townhouse. The view isn't DC, but mountains in the distance, which is pretty cool.

4. Get full promotion from Assistant Editor to Editor, with a SIGNIFICANT raise.

Not really. But a small raise was welcomed earlier this year. The offical promotion wasn't sealed, but the raise was nice.

5. Find a church. Attend.

I really suck. Didn't do this one either.

6. Get teeth fixed. (need roughly $10,000 for this however)

This one I actually did accomplish. Totally worth the $4,000 too!!

7. Get engaged. (ahem)

BIG HAPPY CHECK!!! (January 23, 2006)

New Year's V. 2.007
And now for next year's list that will hopefully be better met this this year!!

1. Lose the 15 that I gained and an additional 15-20.

2. Have an awesome happy wedding that goes off with no problems!!!!!!!

3. get pregnant...?

4. attend the church that eventually married us.

5. get a promotion from editor to online avid ds editor. With significant raise!!!

6. stop renting and buy a house


8. Write in chickie-legs diary 10 times more often than I have this year.

Ok, some of these are possibly impossible, others will happen, so help me God!

To those of you that still read this diary, despite the fact that I rarely write, and are devastatingly boring, you are appreciated and loved!!

I hope you all have a fantastic New Year and are blessed with the same happiness and joy that I have been these past few years. xoxoxoxo!!

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