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Ricky - 2006-12-31 23:16:02
Happy New Year Chickie of the Legs. :)
Lass - 2007-01-01 10:06:38
Happy New Year, Ms. Legs!
LJ - 2007-01-02 12:29:51
I can't believe you've been engaged for a year (almost). Wow! What a year. Do you have a date booked?? It's always great to see you update, so I do hope you hold to "10 x more updates"... I for one would be delighted. Blessings, LJ
Jett - 2007-01-02 20:40:19
Merry Ano Nuevo! I don't know how I missed it before, but I re-read that you got your wedding cake ordered from Charm City? JEALOUSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! I freaking LOVE the cakes they make on that show. I have a small infatuation with wedding cakes of the artistic (especially rolled fondant) variety. I MUST SEE A PICTURE!
Bill - 2007-01-03 01:40:34
I too would be delighted by more updates. :-)
Joshua Allen Bennett - 2007-01-04 22:20:47
good luck with your Goals Beth. My goal for the new year is to not worry and write any goals down.....wait.... damn it !! well there is also 2008 I guess...

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