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hawaiian punch

2002-09-20 @ 8:46 p.m.

Ode to Hawaiian Punch

Hawaiian Punch, in your blue can so bright,
how you mock and threaten me with violence.

'How's about a nice Hawaiian Punch?!', you ask,

And I declare, 'Yes! Punch me!...

So then you punched me,

but it did not hurt that bad b/c you are a a little midget Hawaiian dude holding a glass with a big ole goofy grin on your face.

Which really isn't that threatening...but I would take a punch in the arm everyday by you, you little midget, you...if it meant I could drink the most delicious drink in the whole wide world. Well, I would even go as far to say that this is the most delicious drink in the galaxy. For I seriously doubt that the supposed water found on Mars is all that tasty.

'Fruit Juicy Red'...that's the flavor.

Did you know that they have other flavors? WELL THEY DO. right here .

Check that out!

Sometimes when I am sleepy, or depressed I run to my refridgerator, pause, then try to remember why I came to the refridgerator. Oh yes! The hawaiian punch, so I get a can, and drink it in 4 seconds flat. I bleed Hawaiian Punch.

This entry has been about Hawaiian Punch and my addiction to-it. I have made light of this serious issue. If you know of anyone that is addicted to Hawaiian Punch, or even it's fierce competitor 'Hi-C', please contact your nearest rehab center. Please write and call your congressman for more information.

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