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The RM

2005-04-28 @ 1:00 a.m.

A new HBO spin-off has been recently greenlit that tackles the often rumored 'Reception Mafia'. You don't want to mess with these ladies. I mean look how kick-ass the lead character is? Especially with that hat, come on now.

My work has advised me not to talk about the fact that I have actually, technically, been promoted but am still tied down to the front desk. Why God? Why did you make me so awesome? I wouldn't mind being mediocore once in a while...I mean my dress code has slowly downgraded from high heels and skirts to cut off shorts and tank tops sans bras. My initial 15 minute early arrival has been thwarted by the current unnecessary MickeyDee's run. My hair and make-up is usually finished 40 minutes after I enter the office. Papers on the coffee table? They are no longer arranged by size. What do I have to do? Why I am so irreplaceable!
The women of the RM have taken action and I was told that the umbilical cord will be cut shortly. They will make them an offer they can't refuse, is all I was told. I didn't ask questions. Don't question the Reception Mafia.

(If you can recognize all of the members, you win..uhh...something. Something will be determined later, but I'm sure it will be dope)

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