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April Fools' Lasts All Month

2004-04-23 @ 11:00 a.m.

More Stupid Things To Do at Work:

1) Noting the rise in the conversation ender 'mmm buh-bye', I have started using, 'mmmmm-bop' instead. I predict this will sweep the nation.

2) I have now implemented using unusual voice inflections when answering the phone. The usual pattern has always been; 'Good MOrning, MY COmpany'. This will soon be replaced with 'GOOD morNING, my compANY!'. There is a definite crescendo on the company part. I like to make people feel uncomfortable. It makes my job worthwhile.

3) Since switching the orange-potted decaf coffee with the regular has not made a difference in these people's attitudes, I have now replaced the coffee with Hawaiian Punch. Seeing their seemingly unknown red-stained-lips gives me joy like none other.

4) Realizing that I am behind this gigantor receptionist desk 99% of my day, and the only thing visible is basicaly my face, I decided to forego the whole 'wearing pants' thing.

For those of you wondering why I have all of these new people, (Hi new people!) here are the banners I am currently running:

Ummmm yeah.

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