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Baby gigantor

2008-04-16 @ 5:41 p.m.

We had our final sonogram yesterday to see how big she will be...and much to our surprise the doctor went ahead and did a 4d again. She said she hasn't seen a picture look so much like a baby!
Of course Isabel was sleeping, which is rare.
I think she looks way too much like Angel. I am her mother, right?

LJ requested in the previous entry that I put up a preggo picture...which I am willing to do, but ... I have to take one that is somewhat presentable first. We shall see how that goes.
According to the doctor yesterday, even though her due date isn't for another 4 weeks she is already 6 1/2 lbs. When I told her that Angel was 12 lbs and I was 10 lbs, she said she would have scheduled for a c section at conception! So that made me feel better...anyway She will be arriving 3 weeks from Friday, May 9th at 9am! :)
My last day of work is 3 weeks from yesterday. I am struggling to still be at work. I'm just so...tired. Can't imagine why?! Apparently a 6 1/2 pound parasite will do that to you...
and yes I just called my baby a parasite, she knows I'm kidding. :)

Anyway thanks for all of your support! Sorry I rarely write anymore!! Once I'm on maternity leave you can pretty much count on daily entries with updated pictures of Isabel...so yeah lol can't wait for that I'm sure! (ps some family members want to call her "Izzy". I do not like this nickname, if she has to have a nickname, I will allow Belle or Bellie, even. My brother insists that he has topped "Izzy"...with "Tacobel".
Yeah, um no.

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