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YoQuieroTacoBelHole - 2008-04-16 22:21:28
"TacoBel" is classic. That's what uncles do, we give outrageously awful nicknames. You're only the second person I've ever heard refer to their unborn as a "parasite" and I think that's awesome, considering that my wife was the first and the "parasite" that made her so tired is loudly telling me about the Red Bull can that she dug out of the bin. So cool that you've got pics and all that and never, NEVER worry about C-section and whatever reasons for it. Once they're out, none of that shit matters. Know what else (then I'll leave your comments alone)? They'll look like the daddy for a long ass time. Coincidentally just long enough for him to be completely in love with her after her personality starts to come out. THEN, when he's in love and she's happy being a turd, she'll start to look like the source of said turdiness... The MOTHER. *nodding head emphatically* mm-HMMM I've seen it happen.
LJ - 2008-04-17 12:11:02
No pressure from me about the picture. I feel very certain that you are an absolutely gorgeous pregnant woman!!!
chickielegs - 2008-04-17 12:57:59
lol not really, I'm super fat, but if I can't be super fat now...when can I?? ;P I just need to take a decent one..I've been taking 'belly' photos this whole time, but I'm not sure I really want to put those out there!!

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