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Too late to be popular

2003-09-20 @ 1:27 a.m.


You know, the Emmy's are approaching and that is very exciting. (For the nominatees, I'm sure.) It can also be exciting for those who have recently been deceased.


Good. In case you haven't noticed during the Emmy's and Oscar's every year the Academy finds it necessary to show pictures of those in entertainment that have recently passed. Now, I have absolutely no problem with that. I think that is very sweet. However, I have a HUGE problem with how they do it. The thing is, as Conan even mentioned tonight to Kelsey Grammar, "the Emmy's is like a school assembly but with better skin". Meaning it's really good looking people, but it's still just a popularity contest.

Which is fine and well, because that is what being a celebrity IS, essentially. But what I find absolutely insane is that when they are showing these slides of the people that have just died, they keep the actual audio of those in the audience. If you are still confused, think about it.

Okay, so I am telling you now, watch the Emmy's this year, and listen for this. John Ritter just died, I GUARAN-FRICKIN-TEE you, that when his picture comes up, there will be a frickin' standing O of cheers, but when someone they don't know as well, or someone is too old for them to even remember you will hear the basic golf applause. This sickens me. The network could at least have the decency to not use the audio from the audience. They can show us the slides and play the sappy music, but why do we have to hear the popularity-applause-meter?

Sign my petition in my guestbook, that will then stop the network, and then microsoft will give each of you $5,000. Don't believe me? Try it, because you never know.

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