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Winds of fury, bring on the mens!

2003-09-18 @ 12:24 p.m.

Ding Dong, the Witch is Named Isabell

Well, as you can see, the Isabel "winds of fury" has caused my trip to Atlantic City to be cancelled. I am not pleased.

However, on the good side, it is going to rain a lot here, and we might get a tornado. Oh wait, that's not good. My bad.

So let's look at what good can come from this "winds of fury". (Yes, I'm going to keep saying that)

1) school was cancelled

2) school was cancelled

3) school was cancelled.

Isn't it lame that when people make lists like that, (Letterman comes to mind) that having the same answer three times, makes the joke even funnier? Like the first time, 'oh yeah, school was cancelled, touche' young Chickie-Legs, ...touche'.'

And then the second one, 'well now you're just getting stupid Chickie of Legs, that's old hat.

Then the third. 'Bravo I say, BRAVO! Just when I had lost faith and had forgotten what you were talking about, you repeated yourself again, and that is pure comic genius!'

Yeah, so not sure why I decided to make that guy British, but don't question me, because it was the right thing to do. (and a tasty way to do it)

But seriously, the "fury of the windy-sort " will not bother me much, because I heard it's going to be raining men. (hallelujah).

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