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2005-08-08 @ 12:34 a.m.

On my way to work there is this antiques shop of which they display a sign advertising the fact that they are both re-opening and that we should check out all of their stuff. However, I think their choice of words, is rather, well, unintentionally funny.
What IS funny is how many times I have tried to take a picture of this while going home. I have to be hitting a red light to take it, but the few times that I was fortunate enough to be first in line at the red light my camera was not with me. Or when it was, the light would turn green before I could turn it on. Of course getting out of the car and making a little bit of an effort was presented as an option. But that was quickly turned down because I didn't feel it was THAT important that I take this picture. So of course being that he's perfect, Angel came home yesterday with four versions of carefully executed pictures of above said Antique shop with sign. He actually got out of his car and took this picture, for his lazy weirdo girlfriend, nonetheless. I sure as hell hope that SOMEONE else out there finds this as funny as I do.

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