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Journey 3

2004-02-22 @ 2:23 p.m.

Journey to the End..well you get the idea..Part 3

Okay here is the final installment of my film adventure last weekend. I could write an entire book about all the junx that happened, but three entries will have to do.

So where was I, oh yes, Sunday. So the night before it was decided that we could 'sleep in' and come to set at 9am. Oh yeah getting to Purceville at 9 am is SLEEPING IN...right.

So I got about 6 hours of sleep that night which was good, about 2 hours more than the other two nights. But by this day, I was so physically exhausted that 6 hours didn't mean dop. Yes, dop. The amount of sleep was so insignificant that I made up a word to describe it. So as I was driving to the location I realized I was going the wrong way. The directions were confusing, and my vision was blurry anway because of my previously mentioned dop of sleep. So once I realized I had gone 30 minutes the wrong way I tried to turn aruond, but ended up in a small town. I was going down the street when I saw that a SUV was coming right towards me at a 45 degree angle on my passenger side. I had obviously missed the 'yield' sign, which I don't even think existed, but whatever. I slammed on my gas to barely miss this guy. He must have slammed on his brakes, because I swear I should have hit him, or rather he hould have hit me. I swear I had never been so close to dying in a car accident before. I started shaking and immediately had to pull over to get out. So I turned into what I thought was a parking lot, but since I still couldn't see very well I missed the fact that I just drove over a giant curb. I prayed that I just didn't get another bent rim because COME ON! that's just crazy. But thank God I didn't get another flat. I jumped out of my car and was still shaking and was fiddling with my directions. Then the guy that I almost plastered found me and pulled up. Dude he tracked me down. Then I was thinking, great he's gonna call the cops on me and I'm going to jail for almost hitting someone. But then I was like, wait a minute do they arrest people for almost hitting someone? So he gets out of the car and asks me if I knew I almost hit him. And I'm like 'oh really? I guess I didn't notice. Yeah I think I'm shaking uncontrollably because I want some pickles'. He then told me that I had to yield, and I was like 'yeah I can see that now'. I told him I was lost and was actually kinda nice and told me how to get back onto rt 7. Good Lord that was scary.

So 30 minutes later I arrive on set, again one of the first people there, the DP was already there and he saw how shaken up I was and how swollen my face was from lack of sleep and told me I should take a nap in my car. I was happy to hear about some more dopage, but come on dude! I could have known about this yesterday!!

So I slept for like an hour or so. Upon awakening, we began to set up and film in a cemetery. It was mostly uneventful until we saw the ground start to move. I was like 'dude I think we are not wanted here'. It looked like someone was trying to get out of their grave. I joked that it was Hobbes himself trying to prevent us from making this stupid movie, but no one thought that was funny. Obviously it was a groundhog or something, it never did come out. But that would have been kick ass if we were actually doing a horror movie. But again my suggestion wasn't taken seriously.

Later in the day the DP yelled at me for 'not doing my job', even though he apparently was the only person who thought that. Whatever, that guy sucks.

That night we went back to the Haunted Mansion to tape the interior for the 'library scene'. So since this place is completely empty, the DP and director were supposed to bring a desk, chair and BOOKS. (Because it's LIBRARY) Though apparently they didn't understand this because no books were brought.So here is Hobbes sitting in a chair, and all you see behind him is emtpy bookshelves. It was so lame. I tried to politely mention this fact to the director for which he said that Hobbes was illterate so he shouldn't have books or something, and I was like...'rrrright.'

Hell almost broke loose that night because the tension between the DP; director and rest of us cool people could be cut with a well, something sharp.

We wrapped around 11:30 or so and we were standing around outside waiting for these guys to thank us for all that we did FOR FREE, but they never did. Those guys suck big time. The day they didn't even give us food. Which was promised. Usually when you do a film for free, 'kraft' services are provided. But whatever. So the guys that I am going to continue to work with said that next month they are doing a music video and that they will want me to help, so that's super awesome.

I have to say that despite my lack of sleep, leg injury and people issues, I wouldn't have changed this experience at all. Well, I guess I would have liked it if I didn't bruise my leg, but other than that it was a lot of fun. And also I would have liked to sleep a little bit more. But other than that, I wouldn't have changed a thing, except if the DP wasn't there, but other than those small details, I wouldnt have it any other way.

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