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2006-09-01 @ 12:41 p.m.

So as we all know, I will become Puerto Rican next July. In accordance with that, I have been having daily Spanish lessons con Angel. The other noche we were working on the fact that I cannot roll my r's. This is something that I have been annoyed with forever. It's kinda embarrassing that everyone I know but me can do this. My ocho-year old niece can even do it.
So we turned off the el tv and he told me to sit in front of him and repeat after him.
We started out slow. He said "radio".
I said "radio"

This seriously went on for several minutes. Once I realized that we were sitting in front of each saying 'radio' to each other over and over again I could not stop laughing. I could only imagine if someone had walked in at that moment what they would have been thinking. So once our radio session was over he stuck my finger in his mouth as he rolled his tongue. I pulled it out and started laughing again.
"dammit Beth this is serious business! You cannot become my wife until you can roll my r's!"

Okay he really didn't say that, but I'm sure he was thinking it.

In other news last Saturday I was watching Saturday Night Live when right at the end a commercial THAT I EDITED was on!! Angel has hooked up his projector to the tv and his surround sound so we now watch tv at night on our wall. So my skillz were disaplayed in jumbo-tron size. I jumped up and yelled 'I edited that!!!' Angel was slightly less enthused, but whatever. I was happy. And today I actually 'finished' my first spot. Basically that means that my boss and I are 'offline' editors. We rough out the spots, then give it to either the Avid DS artist or Smoke artist where they 'online' it. Basically they make it look cool with graphics, color correction and all that. BUT we are so busy lately that a spot that I roughed, I actually got to finish. It was all in after effects, so there was really no reason for them to finish it. I hope that wasn't as confusing as it sounds. The point is, I am really happy about it, and I hope that it means I can do that in the future, and eventually become an online editor (= much more $$$$)
But not only the money, but the fact that I get to do awesome graphics and stuff. Anyway other than working 60 hours a week and planning my wedding with my beautiful and sweet Angel life is pretty freaking busy.


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