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2005-05-27 @ 3:00 p.m.

Cha Cha Changes

So there are a lot of changes going on right now in the Land O' Legs. (It's a suburban area near Chickie Town) (Which in the metro area of Awesomeville). Not only am I starting my new job on Tuesday, I am also moving into a one bedroom apartment on Wednesday. As I noted in my previous entry (which by the way wasn't an engagement announcement, I have some ridiuclously supportive friends out there!) I just started dating someone. But alas, there is also a bittersweet changed that will be happening to me July 1.

Joshie and I have known each for about 10 years now. We went to the same high school where we both were involved in the drumline. Our friendship really took off my senior year (his junior year) when as Band Council President, I nominated Josh to be next year's President. At the time, (and still now) Josh is known as the 'class clown'. At the end of every year they gave out awards, 'best girl', 'best guy' and the 'goofy award'. He won the goofy award every time. Unfortunately because of this no one took him seriously. But I did. He won the election and went on to be a better President than I did. I only wanted to be President for the money and loose women, but he had more 'legitim ate' reasons. Reasons that I can't explain due to the impending court case.

Anyway after he graduated he went onto Florida Tech. I was still at home going to Community College. We grew apart those four or so years, he became really active with his fraternity and I eventually transferred to James Madison University. Two years ago, he graduated and moved back home. It was almost as if those years that he was gone didn't happen. We pretty much picked up where we left off.
Just like any good relationship, we've had problems, but we always resolve them and eventually pick up again.
But now on July 1st, he is moving again. He is going to take up a job with his fraternity for their website. He is an amazingly talented designer. He makes videos, websites and basically anything he wants to do, he does extremely well. It's taken a while, but finally people are recognizing it and are going to pay him for it.

I am very happy for him, but obviously I will miss him. If you look back on all my entries you will see how supportive he is of me and all that I have been through and accomplished. I wish he knew how proud of him I was. I haven't always been the friend that I wish I was, but I do hope he knows how much I care for him and that I just want him to be happy. I love you Josh, and I wish you the best on your new job!
Keam Bon forever.

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