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Age of Isabel

2008-03-06 @ 6:06 p.m.

So we fell for the hype and did one of those '3d/4d scans'. Which in case you're wondering, the 4th dimension is time. When we were there, they asked if we wanted to upgrade to '5d scan'. Oh hells yeah. Fifth dimension Isabel in the hiz-ouze! The fifth dimension? PANCAKES.

This picture came up in google image search for 'Age of Aquarius'...I find the look on the girl's face in the middle to be rather hysterical.

Anyway here is a link to her pictures!!
p.s. I know that some of you come to my diary via www.elizabethmoss.com That site is going to expire soon, so you'll have to bookmark this page rather than coming through there (assuming you still want to come here) I'm letting it expire for several reasons, most of which that's not my name anymore...and I haven't updated it in like 100 billion years, rounded up to the nearest 100 billion years.

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