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My Review of the Rush Concert

2004-08-04 @ 5:40 p.m.

My Review of the Rush Concert

So last night I went with a bunch of friends to see 'Rush' at the Nissan Pavilion. Apparently it is their 30th anniversary tour. Or as I will forever refer (or reifer) to it, the 'Let's Actually Play for 30 Years, Tour'. These folks play some music dude. Like four hours worth of music. With no opening act. Even Mark Twain was like, "dude, I know you're a fan, but seriously, enough already".

Josh and I were a little late because we were coming from Alexandria, but we still managed to hear roughly eleventy billion hours of music (rounded up the nearest eleventy). Of course I only knew some of the songs, but the goobers I went with seemed to know all of them. I realized early on that we were surrounded by first and second-generation hippies who did their 'hippie dance' with every song. Which isn't so much dancing as it is muscle-spasms. And they seemed to have brought a few 'friends' if you know what I'm saying. Probably to aid their apparent terets. Needless to say this morning I still reaked of pot. Just don't tell my dad, he'll ask if I 'scored' some.

Dirty hippie.

Going to this concert reminded me how much I hate going to concerts. Or at least dealing with the 'concert ettiquette'. i.e. 'what the hell do I do with my hands-ette'? There is the put hands in pockets, sway side to side and bob head motion. Or the cross arms and lip-sync-action. (which actually requires you to know the words, or at least know the rhythm, or at least in my case, the ability to just move my lips in some sort of reasonable pattern) And of course the full-out hippie-seizure-jig. I never know what to do with my hands, and it really bothers me. Some people had beers, which takes care of one hand, but what to do with the other hand!? Of course we had lawn seats so we had to stand up the whole time, so putting them on my lap isn't exactly an option. I tried doing the robot, but "Limelight" isn't the most roboticized songs. And yes that's a word, it's one of those indecipherable words I was adding to the lyrics of "The Trees". Feel free to use that on your next album Rush.

But by the end, (quarter to forever) I walked away having learned a few things:

1) Hippies aren't very good about hiding their pot

2) Watching Neil makes me want to start playing drums again.

3) Second-hand pot-smoking isn't as fun as first-hand

4) Yet it still manages to gives me the munchies

5) Or at least that's my excuse.

6) Rush's biggest fans like to grow 2 feet long beards WITH mullets, WITH drunk girlfriends, WITHOUT shirts on.

7) I need to actually learn all the lyrics to Tom Sawyer. Or at least the first chorus. Or maybe just read that book....or just watch the movie. There is a movie, right?

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