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PIctures! Yea!

2003-09-27 @ 7:03 p.m.

Some Pictaaas From NY and Such

This is me and my brother's dog, "Myles". Yes, he spelled it with a Y, and yes, he's retarded. Not sure why we decided to take this picture in the middle of the Amazon, it seemed like a good decision at the time...

This is me and Steven Spielberg. Watch out, I"m gonna take your job someday...or I'm gonna be a director, and you might see me at the Oscars! ..Or I'll see YOU on the Oscars from my house! So watch out sucka!
This is me punching Hulk's lights out..Well, not really, I'm just pretending to punch out the wax sculpture of the Hulk. But boy are you stupid, for believing me! Dork!
This is me and Mr. E=Mc2 himself. Well not really, he's just the guy who figured that shit out. Plus he's hot. I mean look at his hair! Grrrrowwwwwllll baby.
This is me and J. Lo, or "B. Mo and J. Lo" or "Butt and Butter"...anyway, she has a big butt. And so do I. Of course this is the one photo I wanted to come out right, and it's the ONE photo that I blinked on. Let's just say that this is me about to pass out because I was in shock about how gigantor her ass REALLY is...yeah let's go with that one.
This is once again ME and the Vampire, "Dracula". I'm biting his neck, in case you were wondering. Even though that doesn't make any sense because he's the one who should be biting me, but as you can see, he just kinda stands there with his arms open, so it would be kinda hard for me to wedge my head up there in his neck, so I just thought I'd bite him instead. Yeah, a lot of thought went into this photo, surprisingly.

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