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Possibly a little too much

2004-08-25 @ 10:21 p.m.

Just a Little Bit Longer Now...

One call, two calls, 3,006 calls a day.

Two clients, three salesman, ignorant in every way.

"what's your address?"

"Is the President in?"

"when will they be back?"

...Here we go again...

"I'm sorry she's not in, do you want her voice mail?"

"No sir, ..wait, I have another call, please hold sir, please, I HAVE ANOTHER CALL SIR!"

..."Yes, that is one of our clients, no, I can't tell you what markets."

"Your taxi is here, I told it to wait, you only have five minutes, or they'll file a complaint."

A girl overlooked, a smile disregarded, my desk is so low you don't even notice.

"Lowest on the pole"

"last rung on the ladder"

I'm just the receptionist, so I guess I don't matter.

Well that's where you are wrong.

I won't be sitting here forever.

Answering your calls.

Calling your cabs,

It seems my job is just keep tabs,

of you, your clients, your friends and foe.

One day, I'll stand up,

You'll look up,


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