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gerg69 - 2004-08-25 22:18:57
That kinda reminded me of Dr. Seusse when you started out. One call two call blue call ...something something. Oh the places you will go chickie.
beth - 2004-08-25 22:19:52
funny you say that, b/c originally I was going to do a parody of a Dr Seuss (that one) and it just turned into this. oh well!
Rick - 2004-08-26 00:01:19
Hey Beth.
This is what i say to myself when I'm feeling unrecognized ad unappreciated:

i like myself, I think I'm grand.
When i go walking i hold my hand
I put my arm around my waist
And when I get fresh
I slap my face

........Oh... hmmm... ok ..... nevermind. I'm just dork.
Beth - 2004-08-26 00:05:17
LOL nice Rick. i'll have to remember that one.
purplecigar - 2004-08-26 09:51:24
Nice. Upper management forgets all the people they stepped on to get where they are, but the people they stepped on never forget.
Amy - 2004-08-26 10:51:39
I remember when i was dad's receptionist... ahh, the memories.
invisibledon - 2004-08-26 13:24:46
I live in that hell too and thanks to a twist of phone karma -every phone in the building rings on caller ID as my number - I'm so blessed, I think
XQUZME - 2004-08-31 12:39:20
Cheer up, m'dear. I am in a company small enough where I wear so many hats I have permanent hat head. Although I'm pretty senior, I'm on the console to cover for my receptionist. I've also plunged a few toilets in my time. I feel your pain. And I ESPECIALLy like it when someone comes to visit ME -- doesn't know that I'm ME -- and is all shitty to "the receptionist". Such a pleasure to see their face when I meet them (or even escort them) to the conference room. heh heh Another thing I like to do is hunt down the guy I KNOW doesn't want to talk to his wife.... more heh... There are a FEW paybacks in the world of "sitting at the front desk"...

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