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2003-11-04 @ 6:28 p.m.


FAQ is not an acronym...it is pronounced how it is spelled....
  1. What is with the gut...?
  2. Who is chickie Legs?
  3. What is up with the eye patch?
  4. Why do you make me..?

Where can I find good candy?

I appreciate your question as a fellow candy fiend, but please no more questions not pertaining to me. dammit

What's with the gut anywy? I mean you have chickie legs but then you have a fat gut...what gives?

Dude, seriously , who says 'what gives' anymore?

What's up with the eye patch?

Umm yeah. so I was a pirate at age 4. Jealous? THAT and I had a lazy eye. Which is extra cool for me because I can do cool eye tricks. I bet you're jealous now sucka.

Why do you insist on making me look at your gut all the time?

why do you ask such stupid questions? I think the real question here is why do you let people tell you what to do all the tiem? go to your room.

To ask me more question to be added here, write a comment or something.

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