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Please pray for my friend

2004-3-21 @ 5:00 pm

Hey everybody, I figured since a few people read this diary, I could use it for some good. I have a friend, Jason who was just diagnosed with adrenal cancer, which apparently is really rare. They just found out about it, and the tumor is the size of a peach. So it is not operable. Plus he does not have health insurance, so they are doing fundraisers and what not.

Anyway, if any of you are the 'praying sort' and even if you're not, if you could pray for my friend so that God peforms a miracle and the tumor vanishes and he has a full recovery. Bigger miracles have occurred. He was just about to get married and now he has to postpone the wedding. I am telling everyone I know to think about him and pray for him and I would love it if all of you would as well.

Anyway I appreciate it, and his name is Jason.

Thanks so much guys!

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