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toothpaste story

2002-11-03 @ 11:54 p.m.

Okay it's midnight, and I still don't really have anything done on this paper. But have been drinking some guava juice...so it all evens out.

I thought maybe if I relayed one of my funny 'anecdotes' (not antidotes) that it would cheer me up and maybe give me some motivation for this stupid paper.

Okay now the following is a true story...but let's just remember that Chickie-Legs isn't stupid, this was just a serious misjudgment of the situation...

so it was over a year ago and I was driving down to JMU to visit my brothers. I was fast approaching the exit when I realized that I didn't have any gum and my breath was probably bad. So I thought, "I know, I can just put some toothpaste in my mouth". So I took out the toothpaste and squirted some in my mouth. (all while driving 80 mph on 81) Then I'm like 'well I need to have some water to swig it around'. So I took my water and swirled it around with my tongue and finger. Then I was like 'well where am I going to spit this out?' The water bottle that I had was small, the diameter of the opening was too small to spit into (while driving 80 mph) So I just thought, "well it can't be that bad, I'll just swallow it".

...big mistake! It burned so bad! I started coughing and wheezing, so I quickly grabbed the water and gargled trying to get the burning sensation out of my throat. But then, again, the situation arose, 'where do I spit this out?' I did not want to swallow it, so I just figured I would spit it out the window (while driving 80 mph on 81)

So I roll down the window and spit it out, forwards, and since I'm driving 80 mph, the spit flies right back in my face.

*and scene*

I told my group this story, and we are going to re-create it for our next project. I might be the 'star' in this project, so we'll see how that works....lol.

and now back to my paper, oh yeah I decided on the two movies, "Godfather II" and "Crouching Tiger.."

The title: Keep Your Friends Close, But Keep Your Enemies Closer

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