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Everybody's working for the PAYCHECK

2004-03-09 @ 9:04 p.m.

"Everybody's Workin' For The ..... PAYCHECK!"

I think that makes much more cents than the actual lyric. Anyway, so today I finished my second day at my new job. (woot woot) Who knew receptionist work could be so friggin exciting?? Okay, yeah so it's not. YET.

There are like 45 or so people in the building, and they all (mostly) seem very nice. The current receptionist is training me all week. And yes, I know how pathetic that sounds that I am in training for a receptionist position for a whole week. But I don't think she is allowed to 'head on up' to her next job till next week, so mind as well hook me up with all the mad skills! It is actually not as easy as a normal receptionist position. Because techinically there are like 4 or 5 businesses in the building, and I am in charge of many difficult tasks such as handling FedEx documents, signing packages, and more importantly turning on the television. Hells yeah right in the huge ass lobby is a gigantor plasma flat screen tv that MUST be on one of the news channels (of my choice). But it has to remain at that very specific volume level that is audible, but not quite understandable. So I end up coming home with the odd feeling that a lot of crappy things has happened lately, but not really knowing what.

"So yeah I was at work today and heard the late breaking news that Rumsfield was found alive in a raft"

"What? No, he had surgery, and that was late-breaking news."

"Oh, did he die, cuz I heard at work that there was a fire in the white house and it started in some bushes."

"No wait, honey the Bushes live in the White House, and they have still not found the bodies in the Potomac."

"Okay yeah, that's what I meant".

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