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Video Killed the Pakistany Star

2004-03-07 @ 1:41 a.m.

Video Killed the Pakistan-y Star

So today I got to work with the same film company I did last time but on a music video. The singer is this apparent really famous guy in Pakistan. 'Basit'. He was actually really nice. He had a bit of an entourage, which I like to pronounce phoentically, because it makes more sense. (On Tour Age)...meaning 'To Go On Tour With Him For Not Doing Anything'

Yeah so that may not make any sense to you right now, but YOU are not in the 'biz', so shut it.

Right. So anyway this was a music video that we shot in downtown D.C. I arrived at 9:15 and soon afterwards some guys came up with like clubbing outfits on. (And no, I don't mean loin clothes made of buffalo skin)
I mean unnecessarily shiny shirts, black dress pants, cigarettes and gay shoes. I figured right off the bat that these guys were part of the video. So in contrast, I was wearing my overalls with a t-shirt underneath, a big sweater on top of the overalls and my brother's big ass XXL blue jacket on top. So basically I looked like Violet from Willy Wonka. So the dude has the audacity to come up to me 2 seconds after meeting me and diss my jacket.

"Hey, so that's a big jacket"

"Uhh, yeah. It's my brothers. I am cold, and it's going to rain, in fact you could say that it was a rain-jacket." Oh, it didn't end there. Throughout the day whenever he was near me he felt it was necessary to say something about what I was wearing. And he wasn't doing it in like a flirty type of way, he was just being a tool. Later in the day it got a little warmer so reclucantly I took of my jacket, fearing more unwarranted comments.

"Yeah so you look a lot better without that huge jacket on. What's up with it anyway? I mean it's way too big for you."

"Yeah, dude I told you this morning, it's my brother's. He's tall."

"Yeah but you look better without it."

"Look, dude believe it or not I'm not trying to impress anybody here, I'm working. Yeah you should try it sometime." Then he looked around as if people were standing near him and shot me a look like, 'why the F is she not trying to impress anybody?' Then I said, "yeah, I'm not. Why should I care??" He shrugged and walked away. I prayed that would be the end of this guy. But no.
Later in the day, it got cold again, I prayed 'please God don't make it so cold that I don't have to put this thing back on.'

"Yeah so your sweater is really big."

"Yeah, well I'm wearing overalls underneath." I then pulled up my sweater a little to reveal that my nipples are not in fact, rivet-shaped.

"Yeah this isn't a farm, so why the overalls?"

Then I actually said, "Yeah this isn't a dance club either, so why the bedazzled shirt?"

He looked stunned. He then retorted, "yeah well this is how I dress". Then I said, 'well guess what genius, this is how I dress." Again, he stared at me blankly. I am not making this up, this guy was THAT forward and jackassy. I couldn't believe it. By the end of the day he came up to me and was like, "Look what size is that jacket?" And he looked at the tag, sure enough it is XXL. I again explained to him, "IT'S MY BROTHER'S JACKET'!. And my brother is 6'4", which means he is bigger than me. How hard is that to understand?"

Finally the day was over, by the end he said that he was just 'messing with me' and I was like 'yeah me too'. Because I think I upset him with the whole bejeweled-shirt-thing, but seriously that dude needs help. He wasn't even in the video. He just stood around complaining about other people's jackets, the weather. and how his ass was killing him due an apparent unwedged stick. A stick, that was evidently placed by an unforgiving giant-jacket-wearing-woman.

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