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Joshua Allen Bennett - 2004-03-09 21:39:54
Funny I heard that O.J. Simpson was just found guilty on 4 counts of lying to the authorities and Martha Stewart just married her girlfriend in San Fransico...
Mom - 2004-03-10 08:21:24
Fox news rocks! "Fair and Unbalanced" or something like that. Unbalanced dosen't sound too good? Being a receptionist is alot more challenging than it would appear! You will be marvelous!
Brian - 2004-03-10 13:04:00
At my old job, our receptionist (who got her titled changed to Admin Assistant, and thus we weren't allowed calling her that, and that meant that...) was always away from her desk. If I saw the FedEx truck pulling up and I was the only one in the lobby, I sprinted towards my office at the back of the building so I wouldn't need to sign anything...must avoid responsibility. I wasn't paid enough to be responsible! Potomac is my favourite word.
Josh Bennett - 2004-03-10 14:47:19
In the Spirit of Beth's New Job...This week I have decided to have Fox News tuned in on my TV in the office from '9-6'....who is with me? P.S. Bill O'Reilly I want a free autographed book

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