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King Kong; Pictures!

2005-12-06 @ 10:30 p.m.

We awoke to the appalling shriek of Angel's phone alarm; a midi version of "Ode to Joy" at the offenive hour of 7:00 am. "Ode to Joy" was perhaps, somewhat relevent as we were about to embark on which would later be referred to as "The Most Expensive Free Movie Ever".

Five and a half hours later we arrived in the Big Frozen Apple with a few hours to waste. We finally found an available parking lot for which the attendant eventually stole $40 of our hard earned money. After realizing this was in fact, normal we went to a local pizzeria and ate. My outfit was on loan from a friend from work and Angel managed to scavange together a decent shirt pants and tie. My friends and family pleaded their case that I should wear make-up, earrings and a bunch of other girly crap for this "special occasion". What other time would we have to go to a real live Hollywood (albeit in New York City) fancy movie premiere? So we dressed ourselves up nice and walked around the city. It was not long into our stroll that I realized my borrowed heels were not going to be my new BFF. So I did what every modern girl would do; I bought new shoes. I blame the apparent coke-enfused make up for my sudden rush of euphoria as I purchased said shoes somewhat unreaonably. But it was New York City, my feet were killing me, and sketchers were having a sale. $40 lighter, we walked into the Swatch Watch store where Angel pointed out different watches that I could not afford anytime soon. Our various store encounters became a necessity as the weather outside was 'frightful'. Finally 3:30 came where we stood outside the AMC Leows and waited. We stood there for a while looking kick ass in our adult costumes when Angel discovered the tent where the Will Call window was starting. We finally recieved our tickets as we watched the theater crew, publicity people and photographers start to get ready for the Red Carpet. I capatilize Red Carpet because it is important. Important people walk on it and get their picture taken. We are not important, however because our movie screening was an hour before the previously mentioned 'lebbies'. We were quickly ushered into the theater, sans carpet, sans paparazzi, with pizza on my face. Literally.

We walked into our theater where they actually gave us a free bag of popcorn, a soda and a souvenior cup. "Whoopee!", I exclaimed as the trip instantly became worth it. "That cup is worth approximately $100, Beth." Angel sighed. "Yes, but we're here together, and I think this popcorn is laced with crack, so I think we broke even."

Three Kong infested hours later we walked out of the theater, passing dozens of overly eager theater attendants and security people. After one chipper girl asked how the movie was, I realized how sad it was. And I don't just mean the ending of the film...after years of hard work, hundreds of workers, slaving over the simplest of details working long and excruciating hours, some dolt can walk out of a movie and sum up the entire experience into three words: "It was okay".

It makes me wonder how we will feel when our movies are being made. I know how even writing a silly diary entry becomes an artistic form, I can't imagine how years of your life can be taken away for one project and have someone come into your world for just a few hours and throw it away as a 'chick flick' or 'looked fake' or 'unbelievable'. Definitely makes me respect the whole industry more.

Our evening had ended and a long five hour drive into a snow storm awaited us. Overall, I would say it was an experience. I don't regret it, and I as always, I am happy I got to share it with my Angel....

And now here are the pictures:

Here is my friend from work and I trying on potential outfits for yesterday. This is what I ended up wearing. It is a very short 'Juicy Couture' dress with tuxedo pants. i.e. clothes that I ordinarily wouldn't wear. Of course I had ulitmately vetoed the princess hat.

On the road again...

Here is a series of picures from Times Square when we first arrived. Access Hollywood with Billy Bush and Nancy O'Dell were taping their segment next to the gigantor King Kong display.

Next are some pictures from inside the hooge (huge) Toys R Us, complete with giant Ferris Wheel. The other two are from Toys R Us in front of a Kong poster.

The actual red carpet.

Inside the heated red carpet walkway.

We left the theater passing this guy with a oh so clever tv screen on his shirt. He must have been freaking freezing, but hopefully well paid. Most likely not.

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