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big n' tasty? rrrright

2003-02-05 @ 8:27 p.m.


McDonald's really annoys me. I mean think about it, they just *had* to come up with a 'new and exciting' hamburger to entice new unsuspecting future fatties that might one day, in turn, sue them.

"Okay, here's the deal, we have every type of cheeseburger out there, but the 'big mac' isn't cutting it. Let's think of a new burger with a fantastic-catchy-name to it!"

"Okay Cheryl, good idea."(cuz every female executive is always named Cheryl)

So basically for the next couple of weeks, they finalized the sandwich. Now, after extreme exmamination on my part, (going to the website), I have discovered that the only difference between the 'big and tasty' and the 'quarter pounder' is essentially the addition of lettuce and tomato. So really, McDonalds is making their version of the 'Whopper'. Which if you ask me, would be better suited if it actually contained tiny chocolate-covered-malt-balls, rather than that heap of crap 'Burger King' puts in it.

Now the hard part was finished. MickeyD's (as the hip-youngsters like to refer to it as) figured out what the new and exciting hamburger would include. Now it was time to name it. This is where all their creative efforts were clearly lost to the tempting high of sniffing glue. Because that is OBVIOUSLY what they did when trying to resolve a name.

"I know, how bout 'MMM good, I'm good'"

"Hee hee hee ....wooo I'm high. No, I got it. How bout 'Large n'scrumptious'?"

"hey, is that butterfly carrying that door over there,....ahhhh....how bout 'Shit, this shit tastes good, yo'

As you can see, the night was lost to a bong. The deadline was 7am, and at the last minute, the janitor came in and forced the quasi-inventors to evacuate. "Hey, you guys got to go, but can I have a bite of that sandwich over there? Boy does it look big n'tasty!"

"THAT'S IT!!!!"

And that's how Cheryl got her job.

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