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theory of a man and a cat

2002-11-19 @ 9:04 p.m.

I hereby announce that I have yet another random, useless theory.

I have come to the conclusion that my cat oreo, and mo-hawk dude on campus is ONE IN THE SAME! Think about it.

Okay you done thinking? Good. Here are the facts:

1) I do *not* remember the name of the mo-hawk dude (thus enabling his name to possibly be, indeed, Oreo)

2) Everywhere I go on campus, HE is there.

3) Everywhere I go in my house, OREO is there.

4) They both annoy the shit out of me.

5) Oreo has beaming abilities. I can be downstairs on the computer and lock him in the room, and race up to my room, and unlock my door, and there he is asleep on my bed, meowing his head off. Yes, you read that correctly, he meows so friggin much, he meows in his sleep....just to annoy me further.

6) Mo-hawk dude also has this ability. Although I have not witnessed his constant meowing, he is always talking. And since he is both a cat, and a college boy, talking is the human version of meowing.

7) Mo-hawk dude has a different hair color every time I see him.

8) Oreo has both black and white hair.


In conclusion, as you can plainly see, therefore, no joke it's true, no shitting, to sum up: obviously, Oreo and Mo-hawk dude are one in the same. Please do not argue me on this issue. It is fruitless. For I will throw up my fingers to my ears and sing the hit song by 'Tears for Fears', "Head Over Heels" until you get pissed and go away.

If you are interested in my other theories, such as "Ice Cream: The Secret to Unlocking the Theory to Parallel Universes", email me or something.

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