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Dahhhh New Entry

2004-02-29 @ 1:29 p.m.

Dahhh New Entry

Alright so on Friday I actually had a one day temp job at tickets.com. Evidently the Cubs tickets went on sale 10am Friday morning. So they hired like 40 temps to come in and help the other 300+ 'agents' sell tickets online. They had trained us for like 3 hours two days before.

The program we used was so outdated and lame. And I hate using the phone, so I guess it was the perfect job for me! Yay! So right at 11am our time, (10am Chicago time) the calls started coming in. We had a script too: "Thank you for calling tickets.com, this is Beth, with what games can I help you?" And we weren't allowed to 'ad lib' either.

"Yeah..duhh, can I have some cawbs tickets?"

"Yes sir, which dates?"

"Daaaaaa Cubs"

"Yes, sir, I know. Which games would you like me to look up?"

"Daaaaaa Cubs"

"Sir, please tell me the dates, I cannot just give you Cubs tickets going from your non-specific requests of 'daa Cubs'"

"Right se yer give me some cwubs tickets young lady. Wait hold on, let me ram some of these sausages in my mouth while I talk to you, so whatever I say will be even more indecipherable. So ya yer give me daa Cubs tickets for the season opener"

"Well sir, I'm sorry that game is sold out. Perhaps if you hadn't rambled on for 20 minutes on how you were robbed last season, and how tasty pork sausages are, you would have scored some tickets"

"Daaaa Bearrsssss"

"I'm sorry sir, we don't sell Bears tickets right now. Let's focus on the Cubs for right now, okay?"

Then he would proceed to tell me how this year they were going 'all the way' and then yell at his kids and wife in the background as they cheered and ate ribs. (assumingly)

The good part about that day was the free breakfast (Krispy Kreme) and lunch (pizza.)

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