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The Ring

2006-01-30 @ 2:55 p.m.

The Ring.

Yes, I changed my template..again. I was going through some old photos and saw this one from 1985 when we lived in Ft. Worthy. The blue shoes really completes the outfit, I think. This design also is a tribute to my original design. Also, I am lazy. Anyway, so the wedding plans are static at the moment. We have not set a date yet. Angel and I decided to get our ring custom made in a 'tension setting'. If you had asked me what that was four weeks ago I would have made a joke about what it was like when I first met Angel's family...
But now one week into my engagement I can correctly describe this beautiful ring where the diamond is 'showcased' between a platinum ring. It is 'floating' by the tension created by the ring.
I know it looks like it's about to fall out, but they insure that it is in fact, more secure than a regular setting.

Now you can't tell me this is the most crazy awesomest ring you've ever seen!

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