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Game on!

2007-06-20 @ 11:27 a.m.

So as of just a few days ago, we have decided to un-postpone our wedding. What was going to be July 7th, 2007 is now....July 7th, 2007. That's right in a mere 18 days I will be Mrs. Angel. We've decided to have a very very small wedding at my parents house with just family. I'm really excited about it, and can't wait!!

The only thing that is concerning me at this point..is the dress. Hence the emergency weight loss/no eating thing I've been doing. (hence the skinny jeans fitting)...(barely).

I still haven't tried the dress on. I keep putting off, to put it on. I'm scared it won't fit and then I won't know what to do. The dress was small when I bought it a year ago, and I've gained weight since then...but I think I'm about the same weight now, but the goal was to be smaller than when I bought it. I hate that I'm so obsessed with this issue, but the dress was freaking expensive as hell and I can't just not wear it. Even though we have thought about having a bigger reception sometime later (when we win the lottery??), perhaps I can wear it then..or something. I dont know. It's dumb. I'll just have to wear like 10 pairs of Spanx. I've worn one before, they're friggin tight man! So I figure 10 should work.

Anyway, all that crap aside, I'm super stoked about it! And I'll be sure to put up some awesome pics when I get them :)

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