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Who Cut the Cheese

2004-03-18 @ 11:08 p.m.

Who Cut the Cheese?

Yeah so I was looking around for something to eat tonight and I found this cheese in our refridgerator:

I thought the day would never come when our internet lingo would find itself onto descriptions of deli products at our local super gigantic new grocery store, 'Wegman's'. But then I began to wonder. WHY was the deli guy laughing at the cheese? Was the cheese funny? Did it make him laugh? Was he some sort of clown?

Or rather was he making a commentary on our society? With the recent news that whites will soon disapear as the majority in this country. Perhaps the deli guy was not white, and he was finding humor in the situation, that white americans would no longer rule this free land. Maybe a rude white customer ticked him off earlier that day, and he just laughed at himself at the thought of his impending dominancy. And consequently let his inner monologue come out in his description of the cheese. All of this thinking got me hungry. I took out some of the cheese,took a bite and realized it wasn't White American. It was

SWISS!! I HATE SWISS CHEESE. That fool was playing a joke on us, and tried to warn me with his 'LOL'ing' on the label. Not the best tactic in pulling jokes, but still, it worked. You win deliman...this time.

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