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2003-02-21 @ 11:54 p.m.

Cell Phones, and Annoying Douchebags

Okay, now I am aware that New York has now banned cell phone use in the car. So cell phone companies are marketing 'hands free' sets. Hell, even my free ass phone came with an ear piece with mic attached on the wire. Which is all fine and dandy.

But now what we have going on here is getting ridiculous.

Every now and then I will see a guy, somewhat I would assume was a 'professional' and he appears to be talking to me. He is looking right at me, and he is talking. Of course I have no idea what he is talking about so I look behind me, and next to me, and sure enough, there is no one else around. But he is carrying on a one-sided conversation. He is laughing, making hand gestures, all while looking in my general direction. Then I see it.

He has an ear piece, and is apparently talking on the phone. This goes against what most people associate with phone-use. Usually people have to hold up an actual phone to their ear to be talking on the phone. But now with these blasted 'hands free' crap you have no idea when someone is talking to you, or if they are on the phone. They think they are so bad ass...a general 'cocky' ego is achieved. These people make me gag. I mean it's undertandable to do this in the car. But when you are like in line at the CVS laughing it up, looking straight at me, surely, you are a DOUCHE BAG.

Now this brings me to my next point.


For those of you who don't frequent the 'MTV', there is a video currently being rotated every hour starring one LLCoolJ, and JLo. In this video, apparently JLO thinks she is Asian or something, and LL is sportin' the whole 'hands free' phone-action. Now what gets me is this, he is using the HANDS FREE ear piece, for most assumably it's 'hands-free' feature. However, he is literally holding up the microphone to his mouth, using his hands.??? I mean seriously...now he is just asking for trouble. He is using the hands free set, so he doesn't have to use his hands to hold up the phone, so now he is holding up the microphone to his mouth...seems a bit douche-baggy if you ask me!

Did you know that LLCoolJ stands for 'Ladies Love Cool James'?

ANd of course JLo is for 'Jennifer Lopez'.

So now my new name is :


Peace in the middlelizzle eastizzle!

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