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where are they now?

2003-07-22 @ 10:45 p.m.

Where are they now?.....And why am I supposed to care?

Those 'where are they now' shows are getting a little out of hand. Now it's to the point of asking 'where are they now' to people that we don't remember caring in the first place. It's more like "who were they then?" Who are these people that feel that everyone must have their 15 minutes *sit down Mr. Worhal!*, and then by some miracle of God, get yet, another 15 minutes?..and it's not like it's a new and fresh 15 minutes, it's more like a stale-moldy-bread-picked-up-your-dirty-underwear-off-the-floor, investigated-to-see-if-it-was,-in-fact-dirty,-and-threw-it-back-down-again, sort-of-15-minutes.

Wow. That made no sense. (But I think you know what I mean.) Did it ever occur to these people that the reason that we 'don't know where they are now' is because, WE DON'T CARE where they are now? If it was a B-celebrity in the first place, how much pride do they have to swallow to come out from under their dirty hamper of fame and say, "yeah, I was barely famous in the first place, but I would like to remind you of the fact that I was barely famous in the first place. Yes, thank you, and do you want fries with that?"

Damn it, I hate that phrase though. "Do you want fries with that", has suddenly become this instananious common phrase that always equals "Loserville: population You".

My friend Chris* used to work at McDonald's, and I swear not one time did I ever hear him ask "do you want fries with that?". Usually because most fatties already order the fries (it's really the only thing remotely tasty at McDonald's) (see 'bn'crap'for details)

Not only that, but it's been my experience that if the clerk did ask me indeed, if I per chance, desired fries 'with that', I would not have understood them through that stupid speaker anyway.

Man Chris was a good friend, despite his employment choices. Haven't heard from him in a while...wonder where he is now....

*names not changed to protect innocent. He worked at McDonalds for crying out loud, plus I know he never reads this diary! Ah ha fancypants!

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