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how old is too old for old navy

2003-08-04 @ 12:52 p.m.


So yesterday I went shopping for some hip 'cargo pants'. I decided to go to the place where all the youngsters are going. "Old Navy". I have actually shopped there quite frequently. The problem is I am now 24 years old. (I'll be 25 in January) Which brings up the question,

"how old is too old for Old Navy?"

Here is me sportin some old navy when I was of appropriate age:

Yeah, apparently when I was a kid, I was really tall and wore clown make=up, don't ask. It was a weird childhood. Not to mention the fact that I have no hands or feet. And I'm flat as pancake...and....the weird ass 'with stretch' tatto I got, is a little bit odd. Don't ask, it's a long and traumatic story.

Anyway, and this is me now:

So yeah, I'm all old and stuff. I think I've passed the 'old navy' age limit. But then again. how old was that lady with the big glasses on those old old navy commercials? Because that TOTALLY made sense that she was the spokesperson. I mean seriously, when you think of moderately priced high school/college age clothes, you automatically think of some old lady with big ass glasses.


For more information about your local Old Navy retailer go to www.oldnavy.com.

And no, I don't recieve money from them. But if you want to send me money, email me or something.

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