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Prooof of a dork

2003-11-23 @ 4:30 a.m.

The Proof is in uhhh the Pudding?

Yeah that phrase makes so much sense. Anyway more proof of my nomination for Dork of the Year. Vote now and vote often.

Beth look over there, no YOU look over there! Ha ha ha woooo.

Our attempt at an artistic shot. Keeping in mind that this is, indeed in a photo booth at school. We apparently got really sleepy for like .02 seconds right before...THIS WAS TAKEN:

Dude I look way too excited in that picture. WEEE a photo booth! I've got like crazy eyes or something.

We are really moody people. I wanted to show the range of emotions that we possess in the one minute they give us to strike poses.

Was I successful? Discuss.

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