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Bachelorette Party Pics

2005-05-04 @ 5:12 p.m.

Alrighty, here are the pictures from My Exciting Bachelorrette Party Adventure last Saturday night. I know this is like two entries in a row of just pictures, but whatever, I need to share with the world how retarded I am. Please learn from my mistakes.

The SAD part of these pictures is that these are the BEST ones out of like a million. All the others are either me with my eyes closed (flashes were never my strong point) or it's just a picture of my butt. (I think the driver had ulterior motives). And of course there is one of me dancing, but I have the most ridiculous look on my face, so I'm not going to put that one up either. Also the one where I had a 'wardrobe malfunction', yeah that one won't be posted either. I didn't realize how often I stick my tongue out when I drink, or just put my hands up for no reason whatsoever. Notice how I put these in order of drunkenness. The last one is ridiuclous. You see, the evening started out well; a nice dinner, then a drink or two, then a few more, then another one, then some dancing on the bar at Coyote Ugly, then getting delirious and throwing up in the alley. You know, it was a normal Chickie Legs, sort of night.

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