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skinny jeans

2007-06-15 @ 12:21 a.m.

update update update smudate the date is back on and i ate too much and i have a stomach ach. ack.

there are too many things to say, too many things on my mind. too many things that i keep forgetting (too lazy) to come on here and talk about. take notice that i am too lazy and tired to capitalize anything. ee cummings watch out.

but today was mostly about my jeans. and how they were way too freaking tight. and that was a good thing. because that means I actually wore them. they actually zipped up. it's been a while since they had zipped up, so I think I'm on the right track. even if i thought that all day at work they were going to burst open. even though at the end of the day i finally gave in and well, the button gave in. and then i was walking out of my car to my house and nodded at one of our new neighbors and realized that my pants were completely zipped down and open. of course, being so tight they weren't going anywhere, but i know that that dude saw that they were open. whatever.
but it was a good day. the 'skinny' jeans fit enough for me to be able to physically wear them, even if it was painful and more than slightly embarrassing.

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