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2003-04-03 @ 10:20 p.m.

Man, now the 'news' is just making up shit! Suddenly this month, we have to pay some sort of 'Tax-es'? What the hell is this? It is April 3 man, enough with the April Fool's jokes!

Seriously, you're not fooling everyone! You can't pull the sheep's wool of these eyes. Whatever the hell THAT means!

You can take ME off your 'fooled' list thank you very much. I already paid my 'taxes'. Everytime I get one in that little machine, I pay my boss a dollar. That's the way it works man, get with the program Fox Five! NBC news 'on your side', my ass! More like 'on your wallet'.

Shoot. cookie of the day: Pepperidge Farm Milano.

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