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Watch out, curb ahead

2003-09-16 @ 1:40 a.m.

Watch Out, Curb Ahead

So I was watching Episode 30 of CYE today on HBO, and it was hilarious as usual. That is a great show I tell you. Yeah, see, a great show. Suddenly I feel transported to the 1930's as I hold a cigar in my mouth like Groucho. Which always reminds me of pickles, like those Vlasic commercials with that bird that was in fact doing a Groucho impression. But of course when I was a kid, I didn't know that at the time.

I really love pickles. When Scott and I went to the Stage Deli on Saturday, they served an assortment of pickles as we sat. We also asked for water. This made me wonder if people just go in there and get free pickles and water, and then fake-get diarhea and rush out so they don't have to pay. (or it could really be any other sort of instant illness)..(usually herpes won't work).. (trust me, I tried). But then they'd probably get wise to it. Speaking of being wise, how come Owls are always associated with being 'wise'. Is it because they are always asking questions? 'Who? Who?' But he really only knows that one question. Plus usually the smart ones are those who answer questions, not ask. Because the person (usually your teacher) says 'the only stupid question is the one not asked'. I find this to be true. Which is why I don't ask the stupid questions. Hence me not asking them. Which somehow translates into 'if you don't ask a question, you are stupid'. I think people are looking at this phrase incorrectly.

Now scuse me why I kiss this guy...

*courtesy of the Willams/Hendrix foundation

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