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bad genes/good genes....and gene hackman

2003-04-16 @ 10:49 p.m.

Good Genes/Bad Genes: The Chickie-Legs Story

My parents are very different people. My father is from the self-declared 'greatest state in the U.S'. (Texas)..(note, don't mess with it), and my mother is from Ohio. You can't get more different than that. Well, actually you probably could, but for the sake of this essay, you can't.

My dad likes to run over deer and then serve it as dinner, pronounce Washington DC with an apparantly hidden 'R', while playing Stairway to Heaven on his geeetar. My mom likes to write calligraphy and quote scriptures while singing to Patty Smith till I put my fingers in my ears and run away.

So, because of this, I have very different genes.

Good Genes:

* undying patriotism...for Texas

* love for salsa, especially when cheese is a factor

* eating a big ass steak sans utensils at Outback, and not feeling guilty about killing 'innocent cows'

* Christian values *andcoughguiltcough*

* artistic abilities

Bad Genes:

* undying hankering for tire-infested-meat-flesh on my plate

* overwhelming urge to shoot guns in the air yelling 'Yeeeee haaaww!'

* knowing unusable trivia, like what a 'Buckeye' actually is. (it's a nut that grows on trees in Ohio)

Conflicing Genes:

* after shooting a rabbit to serve for dinner, I suddenly want to revive it and give it it's final rights

* my version of recycling cans is using them as target practice on a fence in front of a major highway

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