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Somebody's Getting..

2006-01-24 @ 9:44 a.m.

Extra! Extra! Somebody's getting married!

Bear 2:
Somebody's getting married? HEY, somebody's getting married!

Bear 3:
Whoa, somebody's getting married!

Somebody's getting married???

Lew Zealand:
Somebody's getting marrrrieeeed!

Somebody's getting married! Somebody's getting married! Somebody's getting somebody's getting somebody's getting somebody somebody somebody somebody...!

Kermit, Gonzo, Fozzie, Scooter:
Somebody get some flowers!
Somebody get a ring!
Somebody get a chapel and a choir to sing!

Somebody get an organ to play!

Singing Tuxedos:
Cause somebody's getting married (sometime next year)!

Miss Piggy, Janice, Camilla:
Somebody get a preacher!
Somebody bake a cake!
Somebody get some shoes and rice and presents to take!

Miss Piggy:
Somebody get a sweet negilee!

Singing Veils:
Cause somebody's getting married (sometime next year)!

Swedish Chef:
Veddeeng! Veddeeng! Peeg und fruggeee veddeeng!

Somebody get champagne!
Somebody rent a room!

Somebody get the lovely bride!
And somebody get the-

Somebody get the-

Somebody somebody somebody somebody somebody--!

Female Voices:
Somebody get this wedding underway!

Swedish Chef:
Coose-a sumebudy's getteeng merreeed

Bear Family:
Somebody's getting married....today!

Are they here yet, are they here yet, did I miss it, am I late?
No, they're be here any minute!
Cookie Monster:
Oh boy, me can hardly wait.
Isn't this exciting--it's the wedding of the year!
Sam The Eagle:
Well, can't we start without them?
Muppet News Anchorman:
No, you can't until they're here.
Sam: Hmm.
Chorus of Penguins:
They're fin-all-y getting ma-rrr-ied now!

to be continued...

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