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Some of my fav things

2008-07-28 @ 11:57 p.m.

So here's an interesting new CL fun fact: my right foot is now bigger than my left. I'm guessing due to pregnancy. What those two things have to do with each other is a little lost to me. I mean she didnt come out of my foot. She didnt come out of my thighs either, but they have also mysteriously gotten substantiantely larger in the past year. And my nightly ice cream celebrations of one, at one, had nothing to do with it. I'm positive of this fact because mothers are always right.

Anyway so I have to buy some new shoes. Possibly with different sizes. (9 on the right, 8.5 on the left for the record). I have also had to buy some clothes. Which really sucks. Both figuratively and literally. I cannot believe I am still this fat. I know how cliché that sounds, and its been less than 3 months, but damn. Things that dont help my already diminished body image: going back to work and having people 'scan' me up and down while talking to me. I dont think they're intentionally doing it. I would probably do the same thing...but darn it if it doesnt make me feel even bigger and more self conscience. Conscious. Whatever.

Things that make me happy:
When Belly barely falls asleep she smiles and giggles. Excuse my cursing, but I'm pretty sure its the cutest fucking thing ever.
When she wakes up and I say "good morning Isabelly" in a high pitched voice, she smiles and sticks out her tongue. (see previous entry's second picture).
Going to co-workers and demanding that they look at my cute baby.
Watching Angel with her. He's an amazing father. She and Ellen are very lucky to have him. And I'm lucky to have him too.
Knowing that he believes the same about me.
Knowing that he's right.
Knowing that I'm always right.
Knowing rhymes with snowing.

Sorry got off track. Anyway, its late and typing all of this on my phone makes my fingers go numb.

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