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Angelic Weekend

2005-06-28 @ 12:39 a.m.

So this weekend was Angel-riffic as usual. Saturday I forced myself to sleep in until 2 pm. (though let's be honest, it really isn't that hard to do) Eventually Angel came by and dragged me up to Maryland to go to this Modern Furniture Store. Well not really, dragged but placed me ever so gently in the air conditioned passenger seat of his car. Anyway so we got all the way to Arundel Mills Mall which is a lot like Potomac Mills Mall, except more Arundel and less Potomac. And yes, you don't have to be from around here to figure that out.

ANYWAY so we get there and we start shopping. And by 'we' I mean 'me.' Angel hasn't miraculously phased into the disillusioned boyfriend who tells me to meet him in the Guys Store while I try on clothes that don't quite fit yet. Instead he holds my purse, keys, wallet, phone, bookbag, second set of keys, water, ice cream, no wait I never give up my ice cream... my clothes I haven't tried on yet, and my already purchased over-priced items. He looked like a walking coat rack. I can only differentiate him from the other unfortunate boyfriends by yelling out our Secret Agen Names to each other. "Angel?" .... "Beth?".
(It took me a while to configure our code, so please don't go all Beautiful Mind on me and figure it out.)

So I ended up buying one shirt and a military type jacket at H&M. Which even though it is 100 degrees out with a seemingly impossible to fathom 200% humidity (we're literally swimming outside at this point), but I really wanted this jacket. It might be 'so last season' but I couldn't find it 'last season'. So I wlll go retro in about four months. It's never too late to go retro.. (har har)

So we meander around the Mills until we get to the Modern Furniture that we drove all this way out to get to. And guess what of all the stores inside this ginormous mall had closed and was never to return? Yes. That One.
Perhaps it was a sign that my apartment already has one too many robots, iMacaquariums, Herman Miller chairs, unnecessary bars and impossible to sit on uncomfortable chairs. Or maybe no one else wanted any.

In any case, after some Ben & Jerry's ice cream we headed home. On the way back I had a hankering for some Bat. Cage that is. I played Softball in Jr. High, and I had a sudden case of the rage. Perhaps it was the inopportune furniture buying, but I felt like hitting the shit out of something. 16 balls at a time would have to do. I hadn't batted in YEARS, so my form was a bit off at first. We started out in medium baseball, then fast pitch, then VERY fast pitch. I was looking for 'Ridiculously Fast Pitch', but Angel said it didn't exist. Even though I wanted to Go Plaid, I decided to settle with Very Fast. I was surprised that I actually hit a few. Even more surprising is that two whole days later it hurts to type. Almost every conceivable muscle is sore. I don't even know why some of them are aching. My left clavicle must feel bad for my right shoulder because it is having some serious unreasonable sympathy pains. Dammit! Why must I be such a sympathetic person!!!

To end the weekend, Angel and I have officially started our Cook Off. The thing is, not only is Angel an Accomplished Freakin' EVERYTHING, he can also cook. Really. Well.
I cannot.
HOWEVER, I do like to make dessert. What you see here is Saturday's meal. Angel made a chicken dish with a special mystery to-be-determined-and-CSI-examined-later-seasoning, with a patty of stuffing, Spanish rice and some sort of cheesy sauce type-deal. My entry is a pistachio-cheesecake pie. The bottom layer is a cream cheese/cool whip mixture with a pistachio pudding top layer with crushed pistachio and decorative cool whip on top. Note the peaks on the cool whip on top. That takes mad skills people. I deserve extra points for having sore pie-making hands too. I nominate myself as the winner. And now I declare myself the winner. This is not a democracy on Chickie Legs Diary. Vote now and vote often. (but they won't be counted)

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